Friday, February 28, 2014

World peace rests on UN members demanding action against ‘foreign-imposed’ regime change – Oped

A Global Call is needed. It is time the world and its people woke up to some ground realities, known but ignored for far too long. In pursuit of wealth, profit and power over nations and people, a handful of nations have seen fit to use force and aggression deploying fictitious and varied manipulative systems using UN mechanisms to descend upon nations and cause chaos. Divide and Rule a feature of colonial rule is taking a new form today. There are no wars today, there are internal conflicts which have everything to do with foreign sponsored regime change programs. These covert/overt agendas are planned not by governments but by a handful of invisible industrialists who get powerful governments and their leaders to do the dirty work. If this is the scenario, it can easily be stopped so long as the world and its people are ready to stand up and say ‘no more’. It is now time for the nations of the world and their people to realize that the world is getting nowhere and none of the UN’s ‘peace initiatives’ will hold water when they know and we know that beneath the façade of peace terminologies a handful of nations are plotting to overthrow democratically elected governments and create chaos in these nations.

The United Nations was formed not to take over nations. The Preamble states its objective as being explicitly to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, to protect people from conflicts and to solve conflicts. What is also clearly stated is the policy of non-intervention.

UN Resolutions are getting abused. Libya’s case is a good example. NATO intervened in Yugoslavia without any UN Security Council resolution. However, Article II para 4 of the UN charter legally rules out the use of violence (threat and/or aggression).

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