Sunday, April 14, 2019

Video: Desrances Trailer (2019) (starring Jimmy Jean-Louis)

Francis left Haiti following the death of his parents massacred by regime soldiers
dictatorial in place. Settled in Abidjan, with his Ivorian wife Aïssey and his daughter Haila 12 years, he looks forward to the birth of an heir. Asïssey is about to give birth, a civil war breaks out in Abidjan. Francis will discover the unsuspected courage of his daughter and understand that she is the worthy heiress of his illustrious ancestor.

Video: Haiti (Nzingah) | 100 Years of Beauty - Cut

A face from the past tells us everything about the present. Blur past the last century in 100 Years of Beauty, the iconic hair and makeup time-lapse series.

Video: Haitian Creole | The World's Most Widely Spoken Creole Language - LangFocus

This video is all about Haitian Creole, the main language of Haiti. It is the most widely spoken Creole language in the world!

Video: Haitian Griot and Pikliz - Tasty

So crispy! Have you ever tried Haitian food? Switch it up and try Joyce’s incredible family recipe!

Video: Africans Try Haitian Snacks While Drunk on Haitian Rum - OkayAfrica

Cancel your plans to watch these Africans down ***strong*** rum and try Haitian snacks for the first time. How similar, or not, are they to African goodies? WARNING: Reactions are unfiltered.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Video: The Ending | Andre Berto vs Josesito Lopez - Premier Boxing Champions

Andre Berto (Haiti) drops Josesito Lopez twice before the fight is called off.

Former 147-pound world champion Andre Berto seeks a return to the top of the division, but he will get a stiff challenge from veteran contender Josesito Lopez, who always brings his A-game into the ring.

Friday Night Lights Out kicks off with Premier Boxing Champions on SPIKE TV on March 13, 2015. Don't miss any of the action leading up to the fight!

Audio: Balalatèt - No Limit (10 Bands Remix)

MUSIC: Balalatèt - No Limit (10 Bands Remix)

Balalatèt, a Haitian hip-hop artist, single titled 'No Limit (10 Bands Remix)'.

Buy: Balalatèt - Ou Renmen Sa: NoSleep2