Sunday, March 14, 2010

VIDEO: K’naan Ft Young Artists For Haiti – Wavin Flag (Canada Tribute to Haiti)


K’naan has gotten together some of Canada’s finest in music to produce a new mix of his mega hit “Wavin Flag” in order to raise funds and awareness for Haiti. It’s not bias when I say this is far superior to the “We Are The World” remake for Haiti. Listen to them both and honestly tell me which one is better. “Wavin Flag” sounds appropriate, inspiring, and not as corny as “We Are The World” (though granted, it’s still kind of corny). Yes, the song does run into the same problem of voice blending that World encountered, and yes, unless you’re Canadian you won’t recognize half of the artists in this song, but it’s still a song I encourage everyone to take a listen to. Some of the artists in this line-up include K’naan of course, Kardinal, Metric’s Emily Haines, Hedley’s Jacob Hoggard, Avril Lavigne, Jully Black, and Sam Roberts.

The two most outstanding moments in the song were Drake’s section and Bieber’s outro. Instead of having a mass of rappers laboriously laying down a half-hearted verse, the song opted for quantity over quality and left it all to Drake to spit a really sincere verse about how just because the devastation in Haiti might not be a “hot story” any more in the news, we have to place ourselves in their shoes and not forget that the relief effort is far from over. I also applaud whoever thought of getting Bieber to sing the chorus lines “When I get older / I will be stronger…” at the end because that was well thought of. Call that Justin’s reconciliation for that cringe-inducing intro he sang on “We Are The World”.

Anyways, this is getting really lengthy (blame it on the patriotism), so just enjoy the song.



  1. Nice. Were there any Haitian-Canadian artists in this song or video?

  2. I don't think so, surprisingly most of these main stream tribute videos don't have many Haitians and/or people of Haitian descent but there are tribute videos and songs you could listen to in the audio and music video section's of that are pretty good.


  3. I ♥ This song . N well i love J.B. Of course My Future Husband . OMG ! I wish that an earthquake devastates Puerto Rico, & Then Justin Bieber Will Sing To Us . & Of Course Im From Puerto Rico .

  4. Its really a great song sung by you...