Friday, February 28, 2014

Ukraine shows Russia on Washington’s ‘To Do’ list for regime change

Finian Cunningham (SCF) : Days before Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was ousted from office, he was told it was «game over» by America’s Vice President Joe Biden. According to the British Guardian newspaper, quoting anonymous US officials, Biden admonished the Ukrainian leader in an hour-long phone call that his efforts for finding a negotiated solution to the country’s political crisis was «a day late and a dollar short». That’s hardly the friendly advice of a neutral bystander.

Since last weekend, Yanukovych has scrambled into hiding, believed to be located somewhere in the Ukraine’s southeast Crimean Peninsula. A former Chief of Staff, Andriy Kluyev, was reportedly wounded in a gun attack by anti-government protesters. Other members of Yanukovych’s Regions Party have also fled their parliamentary seats fearing similar acts of retribution, and leaving the legislative chamber dominated by a rump of opponents. The illegitimate parliament has duly, called for prosecution against the former president and senior officials allegedly for causing dozens of deaths during three months of protests and riots.

The climate of lawlessness and mob rule that has now taken over Kiev has spread to other parts of the country, with pro-Russian communities in particular fearing an all-out civil war in the former Soviet Republic. This climate of fear is a reflection of the coup d’état precipitated against an elected president and government. The prompt arrival this week of US deputy secretary of state Williams Burns in the Ukrainian capital «to discuss with political and business figures» the future direction of the country is further evidence that this coup d’état was a Washington-sponsored event… Why else has US Vice President Joe Biden taken such an inordinate interest in the domestic affairs of the Ukraine, having made several personal phone calls from the White House to the hapless Yanukovych over recent weeks?

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