Monday, January 20, 2014

Video: Washington's Own Terrorists - Press TV

Behind the glitzy façade of Miami and its palm lined boulevards, lurks a very dark history. For decades the coast of Florida has been a safe haven for CIA-trained terrorists capable of the most barbaric acts. These acts of terror not only took place in foreign lands -- mainly Cuba - but also on US soil. Armed militias have their own barracks and the footage of their trainings in their fatigues is not unlike that of Al-Qaida training camps. The atrocities of these terrorists, be it explosion of Cubana passenger jet over Barbados, or attacks on tourist resorts of Cuba and eliminating rival figures, are well documented and blatantly confessed to. Yet, leaders of these openly armed militias, and masterminds of terror attacks, having being on CIA payroll, have always got away with nothing more than a slap on the wrist.
Just as George W. Bush divided the post 9/11 world into two groups of "With Us" or "Against Us", seems like Washington has long made the same distinction between terrorists. Those who do the biddings of the White House are the good ones who should perhaps be given the title of "freedom fighters" and those who are not under the control of CIA and US intelligence services are the bad guys.

Washington's Own Terrorists is the story of the so-called Cuban freedom fighters who have not shied away from barbaric "acts of sabotage" in their fight against Havana and Fidel Castro's administration.

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