Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rwanda Police hold Umuganda in Haiti

Over 100 Rwanda National Police officers serving under peace mission in Haiti dedicated the last Saturday of August, 2013 doing community work ‘Umuganda’ to help locals build harmony and foster a positive, collective spirit in the wake of disaster.

The police spent all day sweaty planting trees and cleaning bushes in the community.

The exercise that coincided with the monthly community work Umuganda in Rwanda took place in Minustah Regional Headquarters and in Jeremie Base Camp.

According to CSP Peter Hodari, the Contingent Commandant, planting trees will help conserve the degrading sorround in the area and cleaning is meant to improve the hygiene.

“This is also part of our greening the mission and environmental conservation campaign,” he said.

“And also part of observing our values such as Agaciro,” CSP Hodari added that the role of Rwanda FPUIV goes beyond its mandate of helping Haitian National Police to ensure the safety of people living in Haiti.

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