Friday, January 10, 2014

Why is Haiti militarily occupied?

January 1, 2014 is another vexing day for Haitians in particular and Africans in general. This day will find the First Black nation and the beacon of freedom under a military occupation one more time. The deafening silence of the progressives, peace and freedom loving people of the world and the indifference it insinuates is painful and should be intolerable. Let us examine the facts.

Haiti does not have an army hence poses no threat to its neighbours. Cuban and the Dominicans military commanders are not loosing any sleep anticipating an Haitian invasion. This worry, especially in the case of Cuba, stems from another source with a historical record to justify so. The UN, prostituting itself on behalf of the international aggressors, flashes crime as a justification for its occupation of Haiti through the notoriously criminal (rape, theft, and the deliberate introduction of diseases) MINUSTAH. This is of course a deadly farce because had it been the case, Jamaica with one of the highest murder rate in the world would have been a more appropriate target.

Costa Rica, another army less nation has seen the murders of 7 US citizens for the year of 2013 so far. Twenty One rapes of US citizens have occurred without a single conviction. Maybe it is not a whole country the UN concern but some cities. Port-au-Prince murder rate pales that of Rio, Sao Paulo, Mexico city and Caracas which amount to 50% of the murders in this hemisphere excluding of course Washington DC which is in a category by itself in proudly claiming the price of the murder capital of the world. Under this criterion or should I say these criteria for the UN has not been able to select a single and specific measuring stick capable of camouflaging its real mission in Haiti, the UN troops should have invaded Washington DC (hummmm!), Jamaica, Brazil, Mexico and/or Venezuela (god forbid) in this respective order. We know it is not the case. Then, what is the case?

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