Friday, October 3, 2014

Video: Russia warns EU against controlling Africa - Press TV

The foreign affairs minister of Russia, Lavrof is in Africa to seek closer economic and political ties with the continent. His visit is timely since Russia is currently suffering from sanctions applied by the European Union and the US following its involvement in Ukraine.

Russia’s intends to expand its economic ties with Africa while its economy is now affected by the ongoing sanctions. Moscow has signed a mining deal with Zimbabwe, a country that openly opposes the western powers. It is now looking to develop nuclear energy projects with countries like Angola and South Africa. While meeting the chairperson of the African Union Russia warned the European Union against meddling in Africa’s affairs. Russia is openly de-campaigning the imposers of its sanctions in Africa. It has disclosed that during the Libyan crisis while it supported AU’s idea of having political dialogue, the other western countries supported the NATO bombing of Libya that ended Muamar Ghaddafi’s 41 year reign and led to a civil war. Some analysts feel that welcoming Russia now might jeopardize Africa’s relationship with the European Union. The European Union is the chief funder of the African union commission, peace operations in Africa as well as Africa’s biggest trading partner. Before now, Russia has had minimum involvement in Africa.

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