Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pre-geneva advice for Sri Lanka – Oped

The 3rd annual sacrilegious pilgrimage to Geneva for some has already begun. The participants obviously have varying objectives but devising a multipronged attack towards a very clear single objective. An eventual plan to create a US satellite state out of Sri Lanka’s North and an interim plan to set the foundation towards that objective. The foot soldiers tasked to help achieve this objective are now coming out in various forms necessitating the Government to not approach the issue for political mileage but to address the issues holistically and place the interests of the country before all else.

Exposing Colonial Agenda

Sri Lanka needs to set the records straight. The divide and rule policies and the manner colonial rulers strategized to divide communities/tribes people and create new ‘blocs’ of people to align to them is a fact that all former colonies and present members of the UNHRC will be able connect to. They will understand against their own examples how minorities were purposely given better treatment than the majority and how the British and other colonial rulers by virtue of English Catholic/Christian missionary education created a new bourgeoisie class of elitist English speaking people (comprising both majority and minority) to whom the post-independence leadership was handed over. Nationalist leaders whom they felt uncomfortable with were all eliminated – the assassinations of Congo’s Patrice Lumumba and Myanmar’s Aung San are two good examples of what the West will do if they find leaders to be nationalist figureheads able to rally people around them. Their darlings instead are natives who are ready to think, act and rule Sri Lanka as their agents and according to their dictates. Some may think there is no harm in being ruled by the Whites once more but the contemporary success of that blueprint is evident in the total anarchy prevailing in Kosovo, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Sudan and all of the other nations the US and Allies had entered on the pretext of dislodging the ‘dictator’ and bringing ‘freedom’ – all these nations are in worse conditions than when ruled by the supposed ‘dictator’.

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