Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Poem: Margareth Debrosse - Racism

There’s only one
planet earth which
hanged loosely in space.

There are differences in
all things, like size, length,
color, height, and etc; that’s
what beautify the world.

Oh! We belong to one race, the
human race. Like pied daisies,
human beings also vary in skin shades.

It’s a matter of pigmentation. A little
more or less of a protein called melanin
Like in the USA we are “One Nation Under
God”, the same we are “one people under the
azure sky”.

It takes reasoning to help us find our similarities
It’s not a coincidence that human blood is red once
oxygenated; why some people hate each other because
of skin color which is not selectively chosen but is
bestowed by God?

These differences keep the world interesting and beautiful
So, let us love one another and void ourselves of racism.

(C) 2013 - Margareth Debrosse

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