Tuesday, February 25, 2014

POEM: Margareth Debrosse - From Delight to Martyr

Oh! Haiti, my beautiful
island of evergreens.Beautiful
beaches,indigo oceans, and amicable

You were once like an orchid where
nature metamorphosed into butterfly
and linger upon your buds.

yes, you were a geographical delight
The location for the sweetest mangoes,
sugar canes, bananas, and much more.

Forget not the head spinning sight of
the Citadel and the palais Sans Souci
Haiti, how did you transform from a delight
to a martyr with deep sorrows?

You now in a masquerade with hidden beauties
You’re walking on desert sand with a scarcity
of water, people raid on coconut water, and
pancakes of dust become everyday meals.

Tears in my eyes, I say this is the lowest time
for my country; but the dawn will come smiling
once more, and Haiti will rise, yes, Haiti will
rise again!

(C) 2013 - Margareth Debrosse

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