Friday, February 28, 2014

Haiti to Hollywood: World’s clash for Arcade Fire ahead of the Oscars

NASHVILLE — Win and Will Butler of Arcade Fire aren’t your average brothers.

Sure, they spent their youngest years at odds, as brothers will. But early on they discovered something that would inform the rest of their lives as creative partners at the heart of one of rock ‘n’ roll’s most creative and single-minded bands.

“I left the house when I was 15 to go to boarding school and would come back in the summers, and I started to realize he’s the only person I related to in the whole everywhere,” Win Butler, 33, said. “There’s not too many people in the world where you literally have the exact same influences, so we kind of developed this language to work together where it’s really easy.”

“That doesn’t mean we see everything identically,” Will Butler, 31, said. “But it means that, certainly in artistic endeavours, there’s a bit more empathy and compassion for each other because we see where they’re coming from. And we tend to agree more than two random musicians would.”

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