Friday, February 28, 2014

U.S. government supports right-wing terror in Venezuela

February 19, 2014 - The current violence by rightist forces opposing the Bolivarian Revolution , are a continuation of the siege that began when President Hugo Chavez approved 49 economic laws within the framework of an enabling law in 2001. At that time, particularly the Land Law and the Law on Hydrocarbons represented the first threat of the Revolution the economic power of the comprador bourgeoisie and its international allies . This was years before the Commander Chávez declared socialism as a route to the Revolution.

The threat was such that in December 2001 , the Venezuelan Federation of Chambers of Commerce - FEDECAMARAS - companies with private media and the pro-business Confederation of Workers initiated actions to destabilize the country, including work stoppages . These culminated in the coup of April 2002 and the oil sabotage 2002-03.

Thereafter , although the actors have changed , after the siege forces are the same: the Venezuelan oligarchy , covered with foreign forces and abetted by organizations the State Department from the U.S., primarily USAID and NED .

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