Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Haiti, Ten Years Ago: US-France-Canada Coup d’Etat

Members of Congress Waters and Rangel and Randall Robinson, all three, confirmed that the President and Mrs. Aristide said they were forced on an airplane, at gunpoint, with U.S. and French soldiers guarding.

The plane eventually landed in the French/US de facto protectorate known as the Central African Republic . Aristide reiterated he did not resign and that he was being held hostage surrounded by French and U.S. soldiers in a place called the Chateau De Renaissance, in the Central African Republic.

Our Black people in Port-au-Prince Haiti are being slaughtered.

The duly elected President kidnapped by U.S. Marines and flown out of the country at gunpoint and is being held hostage in the Central African Republic under U.S and French guard.

Yesterday [Feb 29], it is reported that, under U.S. marine escort the former FRAPH/FAHD thugs rolled into Port-au-Prince.

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