Tuesday, February 18, 2014

After Afghan and Libyan wars, NATO uses Iceland to further integrate Sweden and Finland

A hearing-impaired resident of the Barmahlíð nursing home at Reykhólar, the West Fjords, was awoken by the sounds of jets taking part in the NATO training exercises over Iceland. The sound was so loud, visir.is reports, that he thought that his hearing had returned.

Six fighter jets were reportedly taking part in the exercises over the area.

Local residents say that they fear that the noise may also be disturbing birds in the area.

Fighter jets from NATO and partner countries began to conduct air defense-related flying activities over Iceland on February 3 in the first event of its kind to be held on the island.

Participants from NATO members Iceland, Norway, the Netherlands and the United States, and partner countries Finland and Sweden are attending the Iceland Air Meet 2014 (IAM2014) supported by NATO AWACS (Airborne Warning & Control System).

“This is a further step forward in NATO’s excellent cooperation with Finland and Sweden: the first time that we have flown together over Iceland,” NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said in a press statement.

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