Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Pride of Jean Pascal

Jean Pascal is a smart boxer. It also has a very good chin, a respectable speed, complicated style. But its main strength in his fight against Lucian Bute could be his heart. Jean Pascal is proud ... on social networks like a ring.

"I want to ride on the second ring."

We are in March 2013. Negotiations stretch to organize the biggest fight in the history of boxing in Quebec. Discussions stumble on some points.

At one point, we came close to disaster. Jean Pascal is two fingers to tweet the following: "The fight against Bute is off." But a call from promoter Lucian Bute, Jean Bédard, saves the day. It invites Pascal supper. The two men are talking about a steak. The fight is saved.

It is at this moment, when finally the whole affair seems determined that Jean Pascal will be his last request: "I want to get in the ring second."

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