Monday, January 20, 2014

The Obama-Paul Scam Zones

The defining characteristic of 21st century American life is that neither of the pro-business parties is willing or able to offer the slightest concessions to the people. In such an environment, questions of “reform versus revolution” have little relevance, for the simple reason that neither corporate party deigns to entertain anything in the way of reform. Although Republicans and Democrats now acknowledge that income inequality is, as President Obama puts it, “the defining challenge of our time,” both parties propose to remedy the situation through more concentrated doses of corporate tax cuts and business deregulation. Both agree that the poor will find salvation in a capitalists’ paradise. So let it be written, so shall it be zoned.

President Obama, the corporate Democrat, wants to “cut taxes on hiring and investment in areas designated as Promise Zones – based upon the proven model of Empowerment Zones tax credits – to attract businesses and create jobs.” Obama’s plan would target five cities and regions, with the prospect of 15 more to follow. He would “cut red tape” to concentrate existing federal resources on the targeted zones, while spending no new money.

Sen. Rand Paul, the libertarian Republican, proposes to energize the economies of high poverty areas by drastically cutting taxes in “Economic Freedom Zones” – starting with Detroit. “Reducing taxes in economically depressed areas is a stimulus that will work,” says Paul, “because the money is returned to businesses and individuals who have already proven that they can succeed.” New government expenditures are against his religion.

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