Monday, January 20, 2014

How do we fix police brutality?

One of the benefits as taxpaying citizens is the provision of public safety. Tax revenue finances the payroll of police departments. Police officers take an oath to serve and protect the citizens. The police have a fiduciary obligation to stop, and prevent crime. The title of a police officer carries a form of valor and respect, because they place their lives at the frontline of defense against criminals that lack respect for the rules and regulations that govern the rights of law abiding citizens.

My concern is the abuse of the badge. Cops are allocated privileges that the average citizen can’t exercise. Certain police cases force me to contemplate the abuse of privilege, over-exercising of authority, and the corruption of duty. I worry about the perversion of privilege with police officers, and the malfeasance behind the “Blue Wall of Silence”. I’m a reasonable and rational person. I’m aware that certain operations and investigative strategies may require nontraditional methods of catching criminals.

What happens when privilege and authority are compromised? How do officers operate under the influence of bias, racism, financial incentives, substance abuse, mental illness, and pure power rush?

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