Monday, January 20, 2014

The Burden of Adonis Stevenson: Money is on his mind but Kovalev is in his face

It’s good to be Adonis Stevenson these days. The Montreal hitter went from being an underground curiosity to the lineal light heavyweight champion of the world in a matter of a year. Stevenson also has the good fortune of being from a boxing crazy city, which means that he has the celebrity status and appreciation that eludes most American champions. However, success is not without its problems. At the ripe old age of 36 and with growing pressure from fans and media to take on the dangerous Sergey Kovalev, his next move will undergo the full scrutiny of the often irrational and sadistic boxing public.

The most obvious and desired opponent for Stevenson and the option that HBO clearly favors is Sergey Kovalev. The matchup is a sure-fire slugfest that pits two of the hardest punchers in boxing against one another. It also presents an interesting style contrast: Stevenson clearly possesses the edge in speed, athleticism, and defense with Kovalev appearing to be the physically stronger and more resilient of the two. They seem to have relatively equal punching power but they go about getting the knockout in vastly different ways. Stevenson is an explosive counter puncher and Kovalev is a come foreword assassin. It’s almost impossible to predict anything in this fight except for a knockout.

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