Wednesday, August 28, 2013

VIDEO: Victoria Duval defeats 2011 champion Sam Stosur in 1st round of US Open Tennis 2013

NEW YORK — Her brothers played tennis. Haitian professional tennis player Victoria Duval was more into ballet.

But while tagging along to watch them at a tournament, the director said she'd be better off playing than sitting there watching in her mom's lap.

"It was a 10-and-under tournament, I think, and I won it," Duval said. "I had no idea where to stand on the court or anything. After that, my mom said, `OK, you have to choose now.' Tennis seemed to be appropriate."

That's the short version of how the 17-year-old with the squeaky voice found herself at the U.S. Open, decked out in a pink dress, blue tennis shorts and square, white-rimmed glasses, knocking off one of the tournament's past champions Tuesday night.

She celebrated her 5-7, 6-4, 6-4 upset of 11th-seeded Sam Stosur with two huge leaps in the center of Armstrong Stadium that were accompanied by an even bigger smile. Her family turned their corner of the stands into a little mosh pit, sharing hugs and high-fives as they watched Victoria break through. With the win, she placed herself in the ever-growing line of great American tennis hopes.

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