Saturday, August 10, 2013

Video: 'The Haitian Red Cross: 75 years to the Service of HumanitarianIdeals (2008)' Trailer

Director: Mario L. Delatour // Amistad Films

The Haitian Red Cross was born May 29th, 1932 formally under the patronage of president Sténio Vincent. On that festive day Dr. Rudolph Charmant became the first president of the Haitian Red Cross. On July 20th of the same year the state recognized the Haitian Red Cross as public utility. A year later on May 15th 1933 the National Society of the Red Cross affiliated itself to the International Federation of the Red Cross. Much later in 1968 Dr. Francois Duvalier then “president for life” of Haiti offered the Haitian Red Cross a brand new building on the water front boulevard of the Bi-centenaire in Port au Prince. For 75 years this national societyworked tirelessly to alleviate the pain and suffering of the proud nation of Haiti.

This film was commissioned by the International Federation of the Red Cross as a gift to the Haitian Red Cross upon its 75th anniversary. The film is narrated in French.

Festival and presentation:
This film was broadcasted on multiple occasions on La Télévision Nationale d’Haiti in 2009.

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