Saturday, August 10, 2013

Video: 'Un certain bord de mer: a Century of Arab Migration to Haiti (2005)' Trailer

a Century of Arab Migration to Haiti

Director: Mario L. Delatour // Amistad Films

Commerce and travels are deeply rooted in Syrian-Lebanese culture. Middle Eastern communities flourish the world over and Haiti is no exception. The Syro-Libanais as the French would call them started arriving in Haiti towards the end of the 19th century.

The Haitians found them to be a curious lot, particularly the Bourgeoisie which shunned them completely. Despite initial hostility, threats and actual cases of deportation the Arabs stayed and carved themselves a place in Haitian society. This film examines the plight of the early settlers and focuses on their descendants and how they are viewed in today’s society.

This documentary is narrated by Chantale Laurent - Filmed in Lebanon, Syria and Haiti and edited in Paris in 2005.

Festivals and Presentations:
Le Tarmac de la Villette - Paris, France (Sept 2005). Espace Senghor - Brussels, Belgium (Sept 2005). Fokal - Port au Prince, Haiti (Nov 2005). Festival International du Film d’Amiens (2006). Filmar en America Latina - Geneva, Switzerland (2006). Festival International du Film Insulaire de Groix (2006). Festival International du Film Haitien de Montréal (2007). 6ème Rencontre Cinématographique de Hergla-Tunisia (August 2010)

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