Tuesday, August 13, 2013

VIDEO: Frisner Augustin - The Drum and the Seed // a Haitian Odyssey


Makandal presents one of its repertory productions, The Drum and the Seed: A Haitian Odyssey. This neo-folktale follows Ti Zwazo, a peasant child living in a Haitian valley currently in drought. Ti Zwazo's evil stepmother has sent her to the house of Bawon Samdi, Lord of the Cemetery, to secure the magic seeds that will make their farm revive. Along the way she encounters three nature spirits who help her achieve her goal. What she learns in the end revitalizes her community.

The Drum and the Seed tells the story of Haiti's ecological crisis and underscores the urgency of drawing on traditional values in the struggle to take back the planet.

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