Monday, April 12, 2010

Audio: Rick Ross Ft Ne-Yo - Super High

MUSIC: Rick Ross Ft Ne-Yo - Super High
Rick Ross, a Haitian ZOE affiliate, single titled 'Super High' featuring Ne-Yo. Buy: MMG - Self Made 3


  1. Rick Ross is not a Haitian!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. He may not be "HAITIAN" but he is of Haitian descent as am I. We have a guy from Japan who volunteers his time on who in no way looks Haitian or speaks Creole and the only way you'd think differently is if you saw his family photo. His father is Haitian.

    We're all inclusive on, whether your born in Haiti or not or of mixed race does not matter we are all have Haitian blood at the end of the day.

    Let us all love your people more than we love your land, volunteer to support the PEOPLE "OF" Haiti not for the land its great flag sits upon.

    -PWA - A Place For Haitian Empowerment!
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