Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Swedish ER Nurse Dies of Heart Attack in Haiti

By KIRO Radio Staff

A nurse from Renton, who volunteered to go to Haiti to help earthquake victims, has died.

Matt Bouthillier, 36, arrived in Port-au-Prince February 20 as part of the volunteer group from Portland-based Medical Teams International.

He suffered a fatal heart attack in Haiti on Monday.

"He was a tremendous hero. He needed to do this. He felt called to do this. I think he was led by his faith to do this. We're so grateful for his service and we mourn his loss," said Bas Vanderzalm, President of Medical Teams International.

Bouthillier, who was an emergency room nurse at Swedish Medical Center in Issaquah had a full cardiac work-up a year ago with no sign of any problems.

Bouthillier's wife believes it was the unsanitary conditions in Port-au-Prince that ultimately caused his heart attack.

Source: MyNorthWest

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  1. There would be no one alive there, Haiti thanks Matt for his help, God will give this love back to him at his arrival.