Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jamaica: 3 Haiti Prisoners on Migrant Boat

Daryl Vaz, Jamaican Minister of Information

A Jamaican official says three Haitian inmates who escaped from prison due to an earthquake were on an overloaded migrant boat that arrived on the island's northeast coast last week.

Information Minister Daryl Vaz says police have custody of the men and they will be returned to Haiti to finish their sentences.

He says the three escaped during the Jan. 12 earthquake that killed roughly 230,000. He did not disclose what they were convicted of.

Vaz announced the discovery on Sunday.

Jamaica is repatriating another 60 Haitian migrants who arrived on the island March 23 after local fishermen towed in their boat. He says the government cannot afford to let them stay.

Source: EtaiwanNews

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