Friday, February 19, 2010

Two Americans Remain Jailed In Haiti

The missionaries say they were trying to help the children, who they claimed had been orphaned in the recent earthquake

(Port-au-Prince) -- Eight of the U.S. missionaries arrested in Haiti late last month on kidnapping charges returned to their hometowns yesterday.
The Americans from Idaho, Kansas and Texas touched down in Florida late Wednesday night after a Haitian judge granted them bail without bond.
Staying behind in the Port-au-Prince jail where they'd been held since January 29th were fellow Americans Laura Silsby and Charisa Coulter.

All ten missionaries were arrested while trying to take 33 children supposedly orphaned in Haiti's January 12th quake into the neighboring Dominican Republic.
A defense attorney told CNN a Haitian judge decided not to free Silsby and Coulter because he has questions about a trip they made to a Dominican orphanage back in December.
The pair appeared before the judge Thursday, but he was unable to question them because the court-appointed translator called in sick.

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Source: MyStateLine and BBC

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