Sunday, February 14, 2010

Central FL Man Vows to Sleep in Tent for 30 Days

A Haitian man in Florida will sleep in a tend in a busy intersection for 30 days to raise awareness about the Homeless in Haiti

Longwood, Florida - Following the disaster of January 12, 2010 that practically brought the country to ruin, Lesly Cange, the Executive Director of Haiti Without Borders, realized the urgency and began to work tirelessly. He brought members of Haiti Without Borders together to create a coalition with two like minded organization: Civil League of Haitian American Voters (CLHAV) and Neg Konbit. After receiving an email from a surgeon in Haiti, Lesly said: "The email was very disturbing"; Dr. Theodore states: 'after performing surgery on a number of injured patients, I released them to create room so I can assist another group, that's when I realize that these had no home to go to' . Following this email, Mr decided to launch a tent drive, in an effort to collect 10,000 tents to send back to Haiti with the hopes of providing shelters for those left homeless by the disaster.

On Saturday February 13, Haiti Without Borders and its partners will be erecting a tent at the Sharing Center on 17-92, approximately 200 yards north of 434, one of the city of Longwood's busiest intersection; not to enjoy the outdoors rather as a symbolic gesture of solidarity. Donations can be dropped off from 9am until 9pm every day. With our official launch scheduled for Monday the 15th of February, Lesly and his team will be sleeping in the tent for a period of thirty days to support those that are deprived of tents. With the rainy season fast approaching, they hope to collect a large number of tents that will be shipped to Haiti to shelter families using sheets as shelter. Lesly states:" It is a kind gesture to support those that are less fortunate". " I have never seen so many hopeful people, despite their misfortune, they remain unbroken". "Mankind has never created a fabric as strong and resilient as the Haitian spirit". Lesly hopes that the community will continue to show support and contribute to this noble cause.

Source: HWB

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