Sunday, January 24, 2010

VIDEO:Man Pulled from Rubble After Official Haiti Rescue Operation Declared Over

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After the government of Haiti officially declared the operation to find survivors over, a man has been pulled out from the rubble in Haiti alive – eleven days since the massive earthquake struck.

The scramble to get aid into the country continues, with a Russian medical squad in place to help victims. In the Russian emergency hospital, doctors helping the survivors of the terrible earthquake are working around the clock.

Kiodine Sufya

Kiodine Sufya was at home when the quake hit Haiti. She has suffered numerous wounds including a serious arm injury. Her brother Jean Fouts brought her to the already inundated local hospital. Doctors there told Kiodine that there was no chance of saving her arm.
Jean then began searching for another clinic that could offer

some hope to his sister. That hope finally came in the form of a team of Russian surgeons.

“At first she ended up in a local hospital,” remembers Russian surgeon Ivan Safronov. “She was treated for necrosis there. The treatment was not adequate. If she had not been brought to us, they would be forced to amputate her arm. We did everything to help her.”

Emergency treatment lasted for two days, after which her condition improved. The girl’s arm has been

Operation in the Russian hospital

saved from amputation and she will be able to live a normal life.
“I have been treated very well here. The doctors are very nice. They said I am going to be fine,” said Kiodine Sufya, already transferred to the rehabilitation ward.

People are desperately trying to rescue relatives and friends affected by the disaster and every life saved is a miracle. However, public desperation in Haiti is high, and screams and gunshots continue to be heard throughout the city.

Source: RT

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