Tuesday, January 26, 2010

TECH:Upgraded HTC HD2 Hitting T-Mobile US

The HTC HD2 is one of the most beautiful, tragic devices in recent history. We love the HD2 for its gargantuan screen, screaming-fast speed, and lovely design. We pity it because it comes attached to Windows Mobile 6.5, an anchor of an OS. Now PMP Today (via HTC) reports that the HD2 will finally be hitting the United States.

This smartphone is bound for T-Mobile, and the US version will have several nifty benefits over its foreign counterpart. The current HD2 sports 512 MB of ROM, 448 MB of RAM, and a 2 GB SD card. The T-Mo HD2, however, packs 1 GB of ROM, 576 MB of RAM, and a 16 GB microSD card. It still has the 4.3" touchscreen and 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, of course.

T-Mobile's HD2 is set to hit this Spring, which could coincide with the launch of Windows Mobile 7. If this is true (and if WinMo 7 doesn't suck) this new HD2 could end up as one of the most desirable smartphones of 2010.

Source: I4U

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