Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Triton Telecom Taps ECI For 10G Caribbean Undersea Fiber Network

By Khali Henderson

Triton Telecom Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Cobian International, selected 9000 Carrier Ethernet Switch Router (CESR) and the XDMR Multi-Service Provisioning Platform (MSPP) from the ECI Telecom for a fiber network project in the Caribbean, spanning the distance of Florida, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. The network is the first in the region to use submarine cable based on a native 10 gigabits system, supporting up to 40G per channel.

The 9000 CESR and XDM platforms will provide Triton with an end-to-end transport solution supporting both legacy SONET/SDH capabilities along with new IP traffic requirements with speeds of 10G and greater. This is the first time ECI’s optical and Ethernet gear have been used together.

Cobian estimated a 31 percent per year growth in bandwidth requirements in the region due to demand for more data capacity and video services.

The first leg of the network, called Seahorse-1, will traverse the ocean from Miami to Puerto Rico and is expected to go live in May 2009. It will be the only direct cable between the two points, which reduces potential points of failure, said Cobian CEO Joanne Negron, speaking to xchange from the COMPTEL PLUS Convention + Expo in Orlando this week.

In addition, she said Triton purposely chose its route to go through the deepest parts of the ocean (5100 meters at its deepest point), which is more costly, but offers the greatest insurance against cuts.

In 2010, two more legs will be laid between Miami and the Dominican Republic and between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, Negron said, adding later routes will be added to Jamaica from both Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Each route will include four fiber pairs except the routes to Jamaica, which will have two, she said. Rather than lease, Triton plans to sell the fiber pairs with maintenance included for the first three years, Negron said.

Triton Telecom also has signed an agreement with Level 3 Communications Inc. to route traffic landing in Miami throughout the United States and Europe, making it a gateway for traffic from the Caribbean to the rest of the world.

This is the first project for Triton Telecom. It grew out of a carrier consulting engagement for its parent company, Cobian, which provides network design services. The client was unable to move forward with the project, but Negron said there was a strong business case so her company decided to see it through. The client has since agreed to become a customer for Seahorse-1, she added.

Source: xChangeMag.Com

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