Saturday, September 27, 2008

McCain Passed Up Condi For VP Because Shes’s Gay?

"According to Gawker.Com via Lanunder.Com, John McCain passed up Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for VP because it is a well known fact that she’s a lesbian.

A prominent member of the Republican National Committee privy to the search process, claims many in McCain’s inner circle argued strenuously for the selection of Rice over Palin.

“It was the persistent rumors about her sexuality that ultimately killed her chances and removed her from the list,” said the mid-level RNC official.

“In Washington circles, it’s just assumed Rice is gay and nobody really cares.”

Condi’s secret life came to light when a reporter did some digging through real estate records and found Condi “shares ownership of a house as well as a line of credit with a female documentary filmmaker, a liberal Democrat named Randy Bean.”

Bean unconvincingly explained the shared line of credit with Rice as relating to medical bills that left her financially drained.

According to property records, the couple shared the property and line of credit around the time when Rice was Provost of Stanford University.

It’s possible that others previously investigating Rice’s background came across the joint ownership of the investment property and the bank account but assumed the name “Randy” belonged to a man. Rice once told a reporter that Bean is her closest female friend and that they bonded over their mutual love of football."

*GASP!* Coud it be that Condi prefers the juice box? I could have sworn that it was Bush bending her over a table in the Oval office...well I guess he wasn't! Just imagine if she was really is a lesbian, that would really make Queen Latifah come out wouldn't it! lol!


Source: ThisIs50.Com

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