Friday, September 5, 2008

Former Haitian President Aristide Visits Chavez in South Africa

Caracas- The former president of Haiti Jean-Bertrand Aristide visited the head of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, yesterday in Pretoria, taking advantage of his one-day visit to this African country, official sources revealed.

Aristide's visit to Chavez was disclosed in Caracas by the press department of the Miraflores palace, the seat of government.

The brief report stated that the meeting was held "at the hotel that hosted the head of the Venezuelan State" in the South African capital.

It offered no details about the discussion and noted that Aristide "was the first democratically elected president of his country" and is exiled in South Africa since May 31, 2004.

It also recalled that Chavez "was one of the leaders who raised their voices against Aristide's ouster in 2004, and called for the restoration of constitutional margin in the Caribbean nation."

Aristide was president until February 29, 2004 when he was removed from his country by U.S. troops.

Chavez argued that the Haitian leader was overthrown by Washington - the same version of events maintained by Aristide.

Source: HaitiAnalysis

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