Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Drugs Adviser: Traffickers Influence Dominican Republic’s Ruling Party

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SANTO DOMINGO.- The Presidency’s Narcotics adviser affirmed Monday that drug traffickers exert their influence in the ruling PLD party, as evidenced in Congress’ failure to pass the bill to allow the shooting down of airplanes suspected of carrying drugs.

Marino Vinicio Castillo (Vincho) made the startling remark in an interview with Cesar Medina on Colorvision, where he also railed the U.S. Government’s policy on narcotics in the region.

“Drug traffickers influence the PLD, I say it,” repeated the official when Medina pressed him to specify which lawmakers have prevented approval of the bill to allow the shooting down of airplanes first passed in the Chamber of Deputies, but expired in the Senate, both controlled by the ruling party with a wide majority.

As to the U.S. policy on narcotics, Castillo said Washington has “rammed” its geopolitical interests into the effort, resulting in an increase of flights with drugs airdropped on Dominican territory.

“The U.S. has rammed drug-trafficking into geopolitics, I expect that will change with their new Administration,” Castillo said, adding that the U.S., in their interest to sustain that coalition in Iraq, “supported those gangsters that governed here for four years; their ambassador was here doing big business,” he said, but didn’t specify the dipolomat’s name.

Last week the official complained that despite his repeated warnings to president Leonel Fernandez, the Government hasn't “done enough” in the war against drug traffickers.

Source: Dominican Today

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