Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dominican Army Heightens Patrols On Fear Of Haitian Exodus

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="209" caption="General Santo Domingo Guerrero Clase."]General Santo Domingo Guerrero Clase.[/caption]

SANTO DOMINGO.- The Dominican Army and the Border Security Corp (Cesfront) reinforced patrols and controls along the border, on fears of a possible massive exodus of Haitians, victims of worsening food and health crises from the storms that ravaged the neighboring nation.

Aside from reinforced monitoring with more Army soldiers, Cesfront has intensified its intelligence after the resurgence of smuggled fuel, sold at exorbitant prices along the dividing line, to be taken across to Haiti where it has practically disappeared in gas stations.

Cesfront chief Santo Domingo Guerrero Clase yesterday said the situation so far is “routine,” wherewas Army chief of staff Joaquin V. Perez placed border detachments and positions at Cesfront’s disposal.

Last week Dominican authorities shipped humanitarian aid to Haiti, including medical personnel, medicine, food and fuel.

Source: Dominican Today

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