Saturday, August 23, 2008

Furious Fay Floods Florida As A New Storm Approaches Haiti

The entire state of Florida is being turned into a swamp as Haiti recovers from the deadly aftermath of flooding brought on by Tropical storm Fay. It's not expected that the tropical storm that is sitting off of the northern coast of Florida will strengthen into Hurricane Fay, but if it stays over water much longer the probability of that occurring will increase.

It is likely that the death toll in Haiti will be confirmed to be in excess of 60 people after more than 50 passengers are still missing from the fateful bus incident — overturning in rain-swollen Riviere Glace on its way to Jeremie. The bodies are assumed to have been swept somewhere in the inaccessible ravines of Trou Canari.

The Governor of Florida has already declared a state of Emergency as hundreds of homes are underwater, with snakes and alligators spotted in the newly flooded streets near Melbourne, Florida. Fay is expected to move back across the northern part of the state near Jacksonville on it's way to the Gulf, impacting the tobacco and peanut crops in Southern Georgia as well.

For the latest alerts on the Web got to the National Weather Service local forecast for Jacksonville, FL region (click on link)
and the latest local video report from the NOAA (click on link)

A slow moving tropical wave now showing strong convection is being monitored by the National Hurricane center in Miami, FL. The system is similar to the development of Tropical Storm Fay and is likely to threaten Haiti next week. the conditions are favorable for this system to develop into the next named tropical cyclone — or Hurricane Gustav.

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