Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Video: Diaspora Calling (African identity in Europe during the World Cup) - Press TV

In 2010, South Africa hosted World Cup for the first time in History. This is while two decades ago the people were fighting against the South Africa Apartheid system. The conflicts created by bigotry and racial intolerance separated African families and forced many of them to take refuge in Europe.
But how serious a role hosting a tournament in Africa is playing to forge a sense of an imagined community? What happens in the hearts and minds of Africans when their teams are playing with the European countries they live in? Do they pin their hopes on their motherland or reject their original culture in order to be adapted to the host country? South Africans and Algerians living in London, Cameroonians living in the Netherlands and Ghanaians in Serbia may have answers to these questions.

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