Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Video: '3L (Live, Laugh, Love)' Web Series Teaser

The 3L (Living generously, Laugh often, Love fully) web series by Haitian female filmmaker Francesca Andre is about a young woman, Gaelle, who tries to build a new life for herself in Bedstuy after splitting from her boyfriend of five years, Omar.

We follow Gaelle as she adjusts to her new reality in the art mecca of Brooklyn without a job, money, or a boyfriend. She is joined by several characters, who are there to support and accompany her through the peaks and valleys we all experience when starting fresh, pursuing one’s passion, and opening up to new possibilities and relationships.

Its a compelling journey... One which she works to redefine herself as a strong, healthy and positive woman in the face of worry, pain, and uncertainty.

It’s the poetic realism of following dreams, balancing happiness in a female centric mode.

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