Wednesday, April 9, 2014

South Korean K-Pop star Sunye is moving to Haiti

Wonder Girls member Sunye will leave to Haiti for a mission trip with her husband for 5 years.
Sunye wrote a long post on the Wonder Girls' official fan page with the title, "Long time no see!"

Sunye wrote: "My husband and I decided to live in Haiti for the next 5 years. My role as a celebrity will continue within the context of my goal... I thank the members of Wonder Girls, the agency, and fans for supporting my decision. For those that still are upset, I will seek your understanding by continuously demonstrating diligence in my life".

Staff of JYP Entertainment confirmed Sunye's post, claiming that they will make an official statement soon.

Attached below is Sunye's full post:

Hello, this is Sunye.

Long time no see. I'm writing because my life's direction has gotten a bit clearer, and I wanted to let you all know. I've experienced many great things through my membership at Wonder Girls, receiving overflowing love during the past seven years.

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