Thursday, April 10, 2014

Interview: Rebel leader Riek Machar says South Sudan president muststep down on Press TV Face to Face


South Sudan's rebel leader, Riek Machar, says President Salva Kiir should step down, accusing Juba of attempting to sabotage the peace talks aimed at ending the violence in the country.

Machar blamed the government forces for breaking a ceasefire deal signed between Juba and rebel forces on January 23 in an effort to end weeks of fierce fighting which led to the death of thousands of people in the world's youngest nation.

South Sudan has been grappling with deadly fighting since December 15, 2013, when Kiir accused his sacked deputy, Machar, of attempting to stage a coup. The conflict soon turned into an all-out war between the army and defectors.

Human Rights Watch says there must be a full investigation into "horrendous" atrocities committed during weeks of conflict and ethnic killings in South Sudan.


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