Thursday, March 6, 2014

Venezuela rejects need for international mediation in it's internal affairs

EFE - "Venezuela does not need an international mediation to resolve their internal problems," the foreign minister said today, Elias Jaua, when asked about the visit to Caracas special advisor for international affairs of the Brazilian presidency, Marco Aurelio Garcia.

"There is no formal proposal for mediation of any country .... Anyway, Venezuela does not need any international mediation.'s Problems we can solve among Venezuelans," he said at a press conference Jaua.

"The National Peace Conference convened by President Maduro served to find those channels of dialogue. Can solve our problems between Venezuelans and reclaim the space for democratic discourse," said the chancellor.

Several Brazilian newspapers published today morning Garcia travels to Caracas to participate "officially" in commemoration of the death of Commander Hugo Chávez, but "leverage" to meet with "senior government officials" to discuss the crisis in the country.

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