Saturday, March 1, 2014

POEM: Taonaya Fleury - Plan A

I grow tired…and restless in state

Trying to choose which road to take

And in the fog of known retakes

I still see not which errors make

Headlights through a mist of steam

I turn and twist and reconvene

And in tow my heart, my soul

I find myself in cruise control

To shake me out of such a rut

I put in gear and drive through soot

And stuck I find myself at times

I know that all has placed a time

So on I go and hope I have

To make this road my only path

Far too far to change its fate

I must drive on with all at stake

No reverse, no map to guide

Just the voice I have inside

Faith it is that leads me clear

Though the destined path I fear

©2013 - Taonaya Fleury

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