Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Video: Jerry - A Portrait of a Haitian Graffiti Artist - Democracy inHaiti

To commemorate the 4th anniversary of the Haitian earthquake, Nomadic Wax is releasing a new short on the Port-au-Prince-based graffiti artist, Jerry Moise Rosembert, as part of their Democracy in Haiti series.

Jerry, 29, is Haiti’s most prolific graffiti artist. In the video short, he discusses his transition to more socially conscious work after the earthquake and his vision to bring about change through his art.

In the months after January 12th, 2010, Jerry festooned the walls of Port-au-Prince with critiques of foreign aid and murals to raise awareness of cholera. Slogans like “I love Haiti” and “Haiti will not perish” appeared on the walls mysteriously during the night. Jerry’s positive portrayals of Haitians and of Haiti’s future quickly became an inherent and much-loved part of the city, and Jerry has become a local hero.

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