Monday, February 24, 2014

NHL Montreal's Francis Bouillon would play 'still a couple of years'

Francis Bouillon is well rested. Maybe a little too much to his taste.

The 38 year old defender is preparing to resume activities in the NHL with the hope that he can play more in the final stretch of the schedule he has done since the beginning of 2014. Bouillon attended only 4 of the last 14 games of the Canadian and he tries his best to keep evil spirits.

"It's never easy when you do not play , he was admitted yesterday . It is an honor to play in the NHL , especially when you want to keep playing even a couple of years . It is sometimes frustrating , but I 've always been a good teammate and I keep a good communication with the organization. "

Swarthy complexion by vacations, Bouillon ensures that the end of its career it never came to mind during the leave .

"It would be easier if the word" retirement " came back in my head , but I am so not there, he has said. If I saw myself physically slow and I realized that I no longer report in this league , I 'd be honest enough to tell me. But I do not see any difference at 38 years compared to the performance I offered 33 years. This is why I do not think that.

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