Monday, February 24, 2014

A hidden scandal: the U.S. program for the defection of Cuban doctors

One of the initiatives in the petty war of attrition , the U.S. government against Cuba is the Cuban Medical Professional Parole called program of the Department of State ( 1 ) which aims to achieve the defection through bribery, medical brigades that integrate Cuban solidarity in the world .

This is a real moral scandal around which the media , which have all the details about the case , prefer silence , since talking about this unfortunate episode would force them to reveal the immense solidarity provided by Cuba in the field of medicine , for example , the fact that this country has more than 37,000 health professionals cooperating in 77 poor countries , the world's largest index, representing 45 % of South - South cooperation programs in Latin America , or even 40% care against cholera in Haiti , of eye surgeries performed free of charge and that reached a million and a half people without resources , were performed in this country by Cuban health professionals , or that Cuba currently has about 4,000 medical students with scholarship studies from 23 countries , including the U.S. .

That everything that is done by a poor and blockaded country like Cuba is very strong so allow yourself to be made ​​known to the public , to which the mainstream media only show the shortcomings and deficits Cubans .

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