Thursday, February 20, 2014

Life behind bars in Haiti to police patrol in world's 'most dangerous place'

More than four years on from Haiti's traumatic earthquake, the prevention of violent crime remains a stated priority for its government and foreign donors. But as reporter Jason O'Brien and photo-journalist Mark Condren discovered, those tasked with improving and enforcing security in Port-au-Prince face some of the most unenviable work imaginable

FOR most it was a terrifying, living, breathing nightmare. For some it was an opportunity.

As the streets of Port-au-Prince rose up and buildings crumbled, 4,500 inmates of the notorious Prison Civile dodged falling masonry, stepped over dead bodies, squeezed through new gaps in cell walls and rushed the gate.

The 20 prison guards – desperately outnumbered and short of ammunition – thought better of confrontation.

Killers, gang leaders, rapists, and kidnappers joined the chaos outside. So did the innocent, those without convictions, and those awaiting trial.

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