Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Haiti’s new military force launches operations

PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti — The Haitian National Defence minister, Rodolphe Joazile, announced on Thursday that the new military force was now effective, with the launch of operations by its corps of engineers already busy building roads and assisting the Caribbean country’s population in different development and civil protection assignments.

Joazile said some 40 military engineers and other technicians have been conducting, under the leadership of their coordinator Eng. Rodrigue Crève-Coeur and their base chief commander Lieutenant Ted Wolsby Tesnor, a series of development and infrastructure works to help communities in their struggle to overcome a number of obstacles that slow down progress.

“The force is now effective and they have already started to carry out a number of development and community tasks,” Joazile told HCNN on Thursday.

“It is no longer just a project, it is concrete reality,” he said.

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