Monday, February 24, 2014

Haitian druglord Jimmy Henchman plotted two attempts on 50 Cent's life

A former music executive on trial for murder had been “thirsty for blood” as he drove past 50 Cent’s apartment on the Hudson River, a key government witness testified Friday, before his credibility crumbled on cross-examination.

Already serving life after an unrelated 2012 federal trial in Brooklyn, James “Jimmy the Henchman” Rosemond faces a new jury weighing whether he paid goons drugs and cash to kill Lowell Fletcher, affiliated with 50 Cent’s crew G-Unit.

Prosecutors called cooperating witness Mohammad Stewart to make the case that the former hip-hop manager ordered Fletcher’s murder on Sept. 7, 2009, as payback for an assault on his 14-year-old son.

Stewart has been cooperating with the government since April 16, 2010, the same day that three branches of federal agents arrested him on drug- and firearm-related charges.

For a day and a half, Stewart has regaled jurors with sordid accounts of Rosemond’s alleged exploits, including two attempts on 50 Cent’s life.

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