Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Haiti PM Lamothe pursues investors at Davos, 2014 World Economic Forum

January brings a bunch of anniversaries, like the much discussed commencement of the Arab Spring, and the devastating earthquake in Haiti, which happened four years ago this month. The earthquake killed 220,000, and left 1.5 million homeless. The majority have been re-housed, but some remain without homes. Of the aid given to Haiti, much has been inefficiently used, but the government puts that down to the money going to NGO's without government coordination, which led to some of the problems.

Haiti's Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe came to Davos to try to drive home the point that Haiti is open for business. He claims Haiti is the safest tourist destination in the Caribbean, and that growth in that region is second, at 4.3 percent, which he attributes to the severely discounted oil Venezuela has been selling Haiti on the provision it invest the difference in critical infrastructure.

Lamothe said that has been the most instrumental program in getting Haiti back on its feet. Tom's shoes has invested in Haiti, as well as Heineken, and Lamothe says he is looking for investment in what he calls the next great tourist destination.

He says further investment in Haiti will allow us to "change the branding of Haiti to a place to make business from a place of eternal development assistance."

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