Monday, February 17, 2014

De La Soul release entire catalog for free for 25 hours in honor of their 25th anniversary

The early 1990's was dominated by hip-hop groups that were different to what we hear today in hip-hop. Groups like A Tribe Called Quest and Arrested Development bought a new element to not just rap but to music as well with raps about positive messages and amazing lyrical form. Another group that changed the game of hip-hop was De La Soul. The Long Island, New York based trio released 3 Feet High And Rising in 1989 and it was certified gold soon after its release.

After seven studio albums and a 2004 Grammy Award for their work with the Gorillaz, De La Soul still performs and releases occasional live album. While is a new generation of hip-hop artists on the scene now (good or bad, your opinion) De La Soul is staying on the scene and are getting their music out to the masses and a whole new generation of hip-hop fans. In honor of their 25th anniversary, De La Soul is releasing their entire catalog of albums on the De La Soul website ... for absolutely free. Fans, old and new, can download the group's entire catalog beginning on Friday at 11 a.m. EST until Saturday at noon EST.

What makes this interesting is that since De La Soul sampled a lot of their music from older songs and artists, their music is not on Apple iTunes due to the group not getting permission to make it public. "It's about allowing our fans who have been looking and trying to get a hold of our music to have access to it," De La Soul member Posdnuos told Rolling Stone. "It's been too long where our fans haven't had access to everything. This is our way of showing them how much we love them." The group cites odd language in early contracts and management also as the reason that their music is harder to find than a Honus Wagner baseball card. "We've been blessed to be in the Library of Congress, but we can't even have our music on iTunes. We've been working very hard to get that solved."

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